Saturday, April 6, 2013

birthday crown

I loosely followed this tutorial, using the instructions but not the pattern and a ribbon instead of elastic. (I also skipped the interfacing, although I'd bought some.) I had visions of sewing on felt leaves, but I realized that the crown pictured in the tutorial looked quite nice with its simple squares, so I imitated it.

A third of the time making this was spent setting up and then trying to figure out the darn sewing machine. (Stitch selection doesn't work the way the instructions tell you, apparently! Or maybe I was just reading them wrong.)

Also, I can't sew in a straight line.

But that's okay. I'm still pretty happy about this. We'll see if he actually cooperates and wears it. :)


  1. Did you make this up, or go from a pattern?

    1. Sort of both. I followed a tutorial but changed some things and freehanded it rather than using her patterns. (Thanks for asking ... I meant to put the link in the post and forgot ... will edit that!)