Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Serious Case of the Blahs

Lately I have felt just drained. Hard to wake up, some small energy in the middle of the day (so long as I can motivate myself to move around and do things), and then I'm usually ready to go to bed at 8 with Michael. (Or else sit on the couch and space out until I fall asleep.)

Mental and physical energy are very closely tied for me, hence the spacing. I haven't even been doing much knitting, and--this is kind of funny--I've been avoiding my online addiction. Pinterest, because for some reason the thought of "catching up" on it exhausts me.

I need to drink more and eat better and get outside. Especially now that the sun is out. And get more sleep, which now that Michael is feeling better is starting to happen.

In the meantime it's hard to get things on my "long term" to-do list done. For example, a girl I taught last year just emailed me reminding me I promised (a year ago) to give her feedback on her novel. I feel  badly; this is the second time she's reminded me. And I haven't forgotten, truly I haven't. In fact, I read her novel and made notes on it, but they are on my Kindle. It was long enough ago that I know I should reread it before typing them up for her; and that (the rereading, the typing up) seems like a ginormous task right now. Way too much thinking involved. Hopefully I'll get it done within the next two weeks.

Thank you for your continued prayers for my cousin. He is essentially bleeding to death internally, and the buildup of old, black blood has been gushing out, and now his blood pressure is severely dropping. My parents are heading across the state today so that they can say goodbye. It's hard to comprehend that the next time I see him he will be gone. I imagine the Lord will be taking him home today or tomorrow, so please do pray for his soul and for the consolation of his family.


  1. I can relate on the Blahs. I've had them today too. I just can't get motivated to do anything. I'ts a miracle that I half tidied the kitchen today. Hang in there and warm thoughts for your family.

  2. I'm sorry the blahs have taken over. Also sorry for your dear cousin. I find when I'm blah getting out and moving makes me feel a bit better. Revamping the list of to dos also helps :)