Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Tragedy of the morning:

Please, not another bite!


For a while he would take bites as long as I let him have long drinks of water in between, but then he had had ENOUGH.

It's funny because he used to love applesauce, but it gave him some digestive troubles, so we stopped feeding it to him. Now he hates it.

On to Tragedy #2. Remember this hat?

It now looks like this.

It looks better in the picture than IRL ... 

The last time Michael wore this hat was on his way to a Christmas party at a friend's house. He did not wear it back. We never knew what happened to it, and I've been meaning ever since to ask my friend if she'd seen it, but never remembered. I had kind of resigned myself to it being gone forever, since I figured if it was at her house she would have found it by now.

Yesterday I spent the day with this friend, and as I walked out to the car, which was parked in pretty much the same place as when we went to the party, and I thought, wouldn't it be funny if I found the hat on the ground?

Then I looked down. And there it was. The same place it had been laying, in mud and rain and snow and under car tires, for more than a month.

I think it's probably unsalvageable. :( But it's a little better to have it back in its mangled state than to have it drifting in the unknown.

Oh, hat. I will do what I can. Know that you were well loved ....


  1. I think that you could clean that hat!!!!

    1. I'm certainly going to try, but I'm afraid it's been somewhat felted, too. :( It's been driven over and parked on for a month ...

  2. oh no!!! I think if you wool wash it it will clean up even if it's been felted by the elements. Glad you found it, sad it went on an unfortunate adventure. Your son looks sweet!!!

  3. oh nooooo! I think I would cry about that hat!

  4. Rosemary, you guys are so bad about leaving and losing stuff! haha

  5. Claire had a similar reaction to her applesauce this morning, as well, except it's because she was obsessed with grabbing the spoon. I'm not quite ready to deal with the mess that will inevitably come with her trying to feed herself, though!