Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Shawls, mittens, minis!

Wow. I haven't linked up to a yarn along with Ginny in ages. I have been knitting, quite a bit in fact. But on Wednesdays I have Bible study, and then since my mom watches Michael while I'm gone I visit with her after getting back, and by the time she leaves it's Michael's grumpy time of day (which usually coincides with when I have to make dinner). So I haven't had time to take pictures or blog on Wednesdays.

But Bible study was canceled today, so here I am!

Way back when, I was supposed to do a knitalong of Bigger on the Inside with some friends. Two of them finished in August, and the third in December. I cast on this month. Whoops.

See the TARDISes??
 I thought the ribbed border was boring so I am doing a lace edging instead (using a pattern from a stitch dictionary and this tutorial) but it is going to take forever. Good thing I'm a(n) obsessive fast knitter.

Meanwhile, two other friends and I are doing another knitalong, this one for mittens. I am a bit more on top of this one. :) I have been itching to knit the Mystery and Manners mittens for some time, and I had this beautiful skein of Malabrigo lying around. You know those skeins of yarn that are just so lovely you agonize over what to knit with them because it has to be the Perfect Project? Well, this one is finally wound into it's tidy yarn cake and ready to knit.

I love peacocks. I LOVE Flannery O'Connor. So I think that makes this the Perfect Project.

(And yes, they are for me, even though my friends are knitting for their husband and their child.)

Also I received a mini-skein in the mail today as part of a swap. It was a good day.


  1. yay your here!!! I bet it is busy with the baby, who is getting so big!! And I'm sure your mother loves to watch him when she gets a chance, I would!!

  2. Omg, that pattern! TARDISes! That's amazing! I know many people who would pay you for a scarf like that.