Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Hat!

So, my camera has officially died. I mean, it still turns on and focuses and everything; it just doesn't take pictures anymore. I push the shutter button and everything goes blank.

Which means that the only picture I have to share with you today is a very, very crappy cell phone picture.

I lost my beautiful purple Meret--the first thing I ever knit myself--and had no other hat. So I knit myself a Brambles instead, out of lovely teal Berroco Ultra Alpaca. Right now it's blocking over a plate, and I'm starting to doubt that it will be dry in time for Christmas caroling tomorrow night. Maybe if I put it on a radiator? I almost didn't block it for this very reason--it fit like a beanie rather than a beret, but it was functional--but I decided that 24+ hours should be more than enough time for it to dry. That was before I came home, 3 hours after blocking it, to find it still soaking wet. Sigh.

As for reading: I just finished Stephane Pearl-McPhee's new book, which was of course awesome, and am returning to The Voice of the River, which I neglected in favor of funny essays about knitting. I love this book a lot, but I have realized (and should have known) that it is NOT the sort of book you can put down for a week without feeling a little lost when you pick it back up again. The narrative is too loose and meandering, shifting characters even within chapters. I love it, though.

Right now the apartment is all decorated for Christmas, which makes me happy. I will try and remember to ask my husband for his camera so I can take pictures. :)

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  1. Maybe santa will give you a new camera :) Your photo is pretty good and the hat looks beautiful!