Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This evening I am making dinner for my husband.

Often we cook dinner together--which is quite nice and romantic--but there is something so wifely about having things in the works for him when he comes home, and I know it will be harder for me to do once the semester gets started and the homework, teaching, and writing pile up.

Overall, this has been a good day. Except for a trip to the library, I have crossed everything off of my to-do list: household chores, preparation for class, even writing. (Not enough writing, perhaps; it never feels like enough. Ah, deadlines. Ah, bad habits.)

I wonder how things will change once classes begin again on Monday? I am relishing this last week of simply being--being with Keith, being home in the apartment--but I am also starting to look forward to the structure the school year brings. Sort of. Part of me is over this whole grad school thing; now that I'm married, it can feel more than ever like a hump to get over before "life" starts. (A HUGE hump with a very scary deadline, I might add!)

But that isn't true, of course. My life is here and now. And really, I am so grateful for it--every part of it. Grad school included.

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