Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a Little Whinging, That's All

Tomorrow I get to meet a classroom-full of this semester's Intro to Fiction students. I am excited--or would be, if I didn't feel so disorganized.

I feel a little bit like I'm sliding into this semester sideways. I have all my materials to teach the first class (thank you summer course!), and yet somehow I still feel so unprepared. I am only taking one class myself, and so my own course load will be quite manageable; but. But.

Somehow I know--predict--fear--that this will be a semester where I am continually scrambling to keep up and get things done on time. Including my manuscript. Especially my manuscript.

66 pages of new fiction to write, and then revisions. Can I manage this?

As I type that question, I realize the answer is actually "yes."

So breathe deep, and enjoy it before it's gone forever.

[I will try not to post too many complaints about grad school. Promise. Just I am staring at this huge mountain I have to climb this year and it is overwhelming.]

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  1. You will be fine. You appear to be a very smart cookie :)