Sunday, July 24, 2011

first days of wedded bliss

Keith and I leave bright and early for Nova Scotia tomorrow, and we are just now getting around to packing.This week has been spent sleeping and settling in to our new apartment, and we're both really grateful to have gotten the rest before the honeymoon! Plus it's almost like having two honeymoons: our first week as newlyweds, and our week of travel.

Our professional pictures haven't arrived yet, but Facebook album by Facebook album, pictures are being uploaded to the internet. So before we head out, here is one of my favorite guest photos from the wedding.

God bless. :)


  1. You look beautiful :)


  2. Yay! Beautiful pictures so far. Enjoy your honeymoon!

  3. You look beautiful! I love your dress :)

  4. you guys look so happy! and your dress is absolutely beautiful.

    hope you're having an awesome honeymoon! we left a week later for our honeymoon too. except we had to stay in adam's old room at his parents' house. not quite as romantic...

  5. That IS a great photo! Have fun, you two!