Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stocking Progress

I just realized that in addition to not being very well-lit, you can totally see where Michael scribbled all over the couch with a ball point pen in this picture.

But I'm trying to participate in the yarn along regularly again, and it's this or nothing.

So there's your dose of realism for the day. ;)

I've been hearing about The Penderwicks a lot lately and bought myself an inexpensive copy to read. So we'll see! I am about halfway through the leg of the stocking. I know I will have Second Sock Syndrome when it comes to knitting the next one. I don't hate knitting these, but I don't particularly enjoy it either.

I will probably take a break to knit myself some birthday socks.

Linking up with the Yarn Along.


  1. super cute!!! I enjoyed the first book and should remember to look for others when I got to booksales DV in October (2 of them I hope!!!)

  2. That sock is fabulous, you could just go for one and wear odd socks!

  3. beautiful sock :) I cannot see the pen marks over here ....

  4. Oh! This reminds me I still need to READ The Penderwicks! We started listening to it via library audio, but left off when our loan expired... Plus I never actually listened to most of it because the kids listened during naps.