Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Knitting in the Time of Moths?

Hey look! I'm sewing leaves together!! Yay!

Or at least, I was up until a few days ago. I decided I've found a few too many moths in my pheromone traps and am now in full-throttle de-mothing mode. Which is exhausting. And despite having thoroughly cleaned the upstairs and moving all potentially affected laundry out to be laundered ... I caught ANOTHER moth last night. I feel like this either means that I don't actually have a moth problem--that they are just flittering in from the outside and that is why I'm not actually finding much damage--or else ... it means I have a major problem somewhere. Argh.

So the only times I've been touching this blanket lately have been to pull it out of the basket and give it a good shake. Just in case someone decides to munch on it.

I've also found carpet beetles, so I guess deep-cleaning is a good thing right now. But so stressful.

Anyway, the blanket is a little less than halfway put together. It will hibernate until after I finish cleaning, and then I need to knit a hat for my cousin who is entering Carmel in August ... and then I will finish this beastie. It is turning out beautifully--I'm half-tempted to keep it for myself, except Michael would never let me get away with it--but I am not enjoying the seaming process. Oh well.

Reading: Better Than Before, a book about habits that wasn't quite what I thought it would be, but the writing is engaging enough to keep me going. The Green Ember is a book much loved on this blog and so I thought I'd give it a read and keep it for the boys to grow into.

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  1. Oh no! Good luck with the pests! Love thst blanket.

  2. oh dear :(( so sorry! that blanket is so lovely!!!!! God bless and may the moths be gone!

  3. She's entering in Elysburg?! Ahh how exciting!

    1. Yes! I've already told her to keep an eye out for Sr. Josephine. :)

  4. I wish that your moth battle was over with. That is saddening to me! your leaves look beautiful as you sew them together.

  5. Carpet beetles are the worst! So sorry!

  6. I just got The Green Ember on kindle - I'm excited to read it!