Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter Knitting

Oh my goodness, but this is a long book. I stopped by the library today to renew it. I didn't expect to take so long to get through it. But it seems fitting, since I picked it up during the coldest part of winter--it has been so bitter these past few weeks. This book unfolds in a way that is vast and majestic--a particular sort of movement that is well suited to magical realism, I think, although that genre can also be smart and zippy--so it is hard to zip through, but I am certainly enjoying it. I'm hoping to finish it this week ... and maybe it will mean the end of winter? (Yes, friends, winter is still here and strong because I am reading this book. I am sorry.)

These socks. Today is my brother's birthday, and I'd hoped to hand them to him today. It would totally be possible if the kids slept for another two hours. But they have been in bed two hours already and are ready to get up. Sorry, Anthony!

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  1. Those socks are too cool! I'm sure he won't mind waiting another day.

  2. Tardis socks! Those are awesome :)

  3. your brother is going to love them !!! Hope your warmer weather arrives soon.

  4. what a lucky brother to have a sweet sister like you, tardis socks are the best! Maybe those kiddos will sleep more than two hours...

  5. I've had that book on my shelf for about a year, ever since the trailer for the movie came out. Each time it catches my eye, I feel bad I can't read it. Other titles have higher precedence, you know? It's nice to know it holds up to hype.

    1. I think that must have been why the book originally came to my attention--because there's a movie coming out--but I wasn't super aware of it. I kept wondering as a read if it was possible to make a movie of this book. Some scenes are so cinematic, and yet it is very, very *literary*. I think the feeling and artistic aims of it can be transferred to the screen, but it will be very different.

      Now I'm off to find the trailer. :)