Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Two Favorites

It's naptime! I am eating homemade English muffin bread, drinking hot chocolate, and getting ready to knit some leaves. My other two projects are still on the needles and looking much the same, but I decided to switch things up for a bit. :) The needles were my grandmother's; I use them quite a bit. Also my reading and my knitting coordinate this week. Fun!

I just finished Shirt of Flame and am actually getting ready to start reading it all over again! This was such a good book. I flew through this book, but it is subtitled "A Year with Saint Therese of Lisieux," and there is a chapter for each month. There is some intense stuff here, and I am hoping to read it throughout the year with some friends, giving it space to really sink in. (Also? I knew I was meant to read this book right now when a simple line from the introduction started me bawling out of the blue!)

I have a special place in my heart for St. Therese (and she played a role in my engagement!), but it's been at least five years since I read Story of a Soul. (Time to rectify that.) This book is part meditation, part memoir; I really love the contrast between the more earthy, gritty (is that the right word?) struggles of the author with the sentimental Therese--especially since I know some people find Therese a bit too emotionally pious to connect with.

And yes, The Hobbit, with cover art by JRR himself. :) That makes me happy. I love old editions like this. My aunt gave me this one from her own collection, years ago. I am happy to say it is every bit as wonderful to me on rereading as it was in my memory.

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  1. oh, I think I should read that book too then! (the flame book)... :) ... I love Tolkien's art!!! and the Hobbit is a must read and re-read! lovely leaves!!! yay for a bit of quiet time! :) hot cocoa is so wonderful. And English Muffin Bread... recipe please!!!! :):)

  2. Oh you're making me jealous ;-). (Maria has a cold and keeps coughing herself awake so I'm holding her through nap time right now- so no knitting or getting anything done for me- although if I had thought about it is have brought my book in her room to read! And I keep trying and trying to come up with an acceptable dairy free hot cocoa, with very little success) The book on St Therese sounds lovely- I'll have to remember that!

  3. you've got me wanting the first two books :) Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. John Paul wants us to start reading the hobbit - I just have to figure out when!!! Too many books on our list :)

  5. John Paul wants us to start reading the hobbit - I just have to figure out when!!! Too many books on our list :)