Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two by Two

Two projects, two books.

I preordered Hunter Hammerson's latest book and it came in on Christmas Eve. A local yarn store is doing a knitalong, so I thought I'd join in with some yarn I got for Christmas. I'm knitting the pattern on the cover. The color is very subtle--a greyish-green silk.

The TARDIS socks are technically a Christmas present. My brother opened a package of bright blue yarn and said, "Um, are you sure you gave this to the right person?" It's been a troublesome knit. First I started the pattern as written and realized it was never going to fit his calves, so I cast on again with more stitches. Then I knit half of the "Police Box" chart upside down. And then I had to rip back because the gusset is much, much too big for anyone, even my wide-footed brother ... argh. I've reknit the gusset on smaller needles and really hope that fixes the problem ... if not, then ...? I may try a short row heel. (Why are heel flaps so popular, anyways? Personally I don't find them very attractive and the fit just isn't as good.)

I've been meaning to read something by Willa Cather for a while. Elizabeth recommended Death Comes for the Archbishop, and my husband saw it on my goodreads list and got it for Christmas. :) I am also excited to start the book about St. Therese. Progress is slow because I've been reading it in the morning before the babies wake up, which isn't that much time. But that's okay. :)

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  1. They are looking great - very clever design. Good luck!

  2. oh I just hope you love that book by Cather! it is a really special one!! :))))

    That wrap is going to be so pretty!

    Go with your gut with the sock is what I think! how frustrating to have it not working but keep at it, you're a great knitter (and with the young ones too!).

    Lots of love to you!! and a HUG because all Moms of young kids need them! :)

  3. my mom used to wrap skeins of yarn and say "it's your sweater I haven't started yet". I loved that about her. I love dr who and I love those socks :)

  4. Those socks are awesome.

    I got O, Pioneers! from my parents before Christmas as they were getting rid of things. And I keep seeing it and My Antonia at work. They seem to be slim books, so they shouldn't take too long? How is her writing, so far?