Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More Stripes!

My blogging companion this afternoon. Gregory thinks he only needs one nap a day now. Yikes. He's pretty happy in that box as I type this. :)

A couple more stripes and I will finish the first sock up. It's coming along a bit more slowly than before. The past two weeks have been just ... kind of crazy. It seems to be all-cranky-all-the-time around here these days! There has been more than one evening when Keith's come home and I've just sort of given up on making dinner. Dominic was sick AND teething, so hopefully that's past!

Still reading Acedia & Me. Parts are narrative memoir, parts are a more intellectual discussion/exploration of acedia. I fly through the narrative parts because that's how I read; with the other chapters I feel the need to slow down more and let it sink in.

A few weeks ago I bought a yarn cupboard from Target. (My yarn is still in the freezer though.) It's not moth-proof, but it is better than open storage. Right now my knitting books and paraphernalia are in there, along with the box of yarn I'm using for my sock. It hasn't been eaten yet. (I did buy moth traps that arrived just today, and will be setting them out this evening.)

(Sometime in the next few weeks I'm going to move that changing table out of the living room. I moved the bag of poopy diapers out of the frame for this picture. You're welcome. ;) )

I'm thinking eventually I will store yarn in ziplocs in the cupboard. It will still be colorful but a little more safe.

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  1. yuck, moths not fun! Hope you can avoid them :-S

    Your sock is lovely, really nice mix of colours. Gregory looks very pleased with himself!

  2. That sock is gorgeous - what a rainbow! How frustrating for you - I have never had a problem with moths getting into yarn. The cupboard looks lovely.

  3. Love how the adopted plants are thriving! Thanks for giving them a new home.
    Dear moths,
    Go away!

  4. sometimes are just plain HARD!!! I do hope the moth situation gets totally BETTER! that cabinet is really cute. the sock is lovely and I am going to light a candle for you all today!

  5. Ahhhhhh! When did Gregory get so big?!?

  6. love the new yarn cupboard! I hope that you have won the battle against the moths, those evil critters!

  7. love your new yarn cupboard! i want one but given the size of the stash might need 4 :(