Friday, August 1, 2014

What They Said (2)

A bit late, but I am finally getting around to linking up over at Rosie's blog!

Michael comes up with some gems, but I usually forget to write them down. And when I do write them down I forget to link them up. :-P So a few of these are a bit old. 

(While eating mango on the deck without a shirt on, looking down at his belly)

"Are you chubby?" 

(Talking about our trip to the National Aviary)

Me: Did you like seeing the penguins, Michael?
Michael: Yeah!
Me: Do you want to do that again sometime?
Michael: Swim in the water with the penguins! 

(After he'd just woken up from a nap)

Me: Michael, I think Dominic is talking to you. 
Michael, frowning: Dominic take a NAP. 

Wrong side of the crib ... 

They usually all get along. :)

(Shaking around a burp cloth, to the tune of "Shake Your Booty") 

"Wipe wipe wipe, wipe wipe wipe, wipe the spit up! "

Not gonna say who he learned that tune from. ;)

(Looking at a picture of a yak) 

"He says, 'Yakkity yak! Don't talk back!'" 

(After I got dressed for church and changed out of a purple nightgown)

"Mama wear purple pj dress. Mama wear purple pj dress! *bursts into tears*

Still not sure why he was so adamant I wear my pajamas to Mass!

(While Michael was looking out the front door)

Michael: Who's here?
Me: Is someone here Michael? Who do you see outside?
Michael: I see ... Grandma! 
Me: What is Grandma doing out there?
Michael: Holding a chainsaw! And cutting down trees! 

Pretty sure that's never happened, haha.


  1. Hahaha clearly this means you need to get a purple dress so that he's not so sad that you're not wearing your pajamas anymore :P Too cute! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. awwww, those are so cute! as is the picture of all 3 of them! God bless you all!