Friday, August 29, 2014

A Tale of Four

Still linking up to the yarn-along, although two days late. I haven't had access to a working computer. Despite the fact that we have three desktops. (And the reason I didn't have access wasn't because any of them were broken or techincally not working, but because they were in various phases of being updated or .... something. The hazards of being married to a computer person. :) )


One of my goals for this month was to knit the boys vests for the colder weather, all from the trusty Milo pattern. I started with Dominic's, picking the 1 year size since his birthday is in November. I knew it would be a bit big, but thought that wasn't a bad thing.

After I got about halfway through the shoulder straps, I thought perhaps I'd actually measure him. His chest was 2 inches smaller than the size I was knitting. In other words two whole sizes off.

And I kept knitting. I wanted it to be a little big, right? (Note to self: a two-inch difference on such a small person is NOT "little.") Well, I finished the shoulder straps, started on the body, and realized the torso of the vest looked quite a bit bigger than the torso of my baby.

And I decided to keep on going. I don't know. I knew I needed to rip it out and start over. But I didn't. By the time I was ready to knit the ribbing I found a post by the pattern designer, Georgie Hallam, who emphatically instructed knitters to measure the child's chest and if they wanted to knit it "bigger" to add length, not width. I knew there was no way Dominic was wearing this vest this winter--it practically could fit Michael--so I should've kept knitting and set it aside for next winter.

And then I bound off. So it's the perfect length for a one-year old but wide enough for a two-year old. (It would maybe reach Michael's belly-button. Maybe.)

I really can't explain this vest. I knew what I was doing wrong and kept doing it all anyway. So at some point I'm going undo the bind-off and make it a little longer. Just maybe not this year ... I don't really want to look at it.

Michael's vest, however, turned out beautifully. Although he kept saying he wanted yellow, and pointed out to me that I had yellow yarn on the shelf. (Not the right weight. Sorry kiddo.) But he likes it anyway.

Soon I will cast on a red vest for Gregory. And I've dug into the stash and found some DK weight to knit a fourth Milo for Dominic, this time in the 9 month size.

In the meantime, I've been taking a break by working on some leaves. Thirty down, eighty (or thereabouts) to go.


  1. I understand this completely; I sometimes am too tired to stop and fix something; easier to keep going; at least it is only wiht a knitted garment. they are all lovely and such nice colours. God bless and keep you.

  2. I've done a similar thing with a Milo I was knitting for charity. You are definitely not alone.
    I have so much more worsted weight yarn in my stash that now I just modify that pattern to get the size I want (I read the directions for a different size, generally).
    If you have a good knitting friend, she would probably be willing to deal with the bind off and lengthening for you. At my last knitting group meeting, I sat and untangled someone's chaotic skein because I don't mind untangling and she was VERY frustrated with it. I wasn't working on anything with a deadline, so it was simple for me to put my stuff aside and calmly sort hers out.
    I really like the rich colors you're using for the boys' vests.

  3. I remember a sweater I made for my son that was too short and would not could not go over his head.....i redid the neckline three times and added contrasting color to the length!! Love the leaves :)