Wednesday, July 23, 2014

When in doubt ... hexipuff!

Still reading The Body of This by Andrew McNabb. The stories here are short and quite intense. I think I'm going to take this book slowly. (Although I imagine I'd devour it if I had a long stretch of time to devote it proper attention.)

So I am looking for another book to read at the same time. On my Kindle I have A Mother's Rule of Life and The Nesting Place; which should I read?

I ran out of yarn for my leaves from last week. I'm still in a somewhat scattered place and not ready to settle down to a real project. So instead I have turned to puffs. Now I am addicted again. And in no danger of running out of yarn anytime soon, as you can see from the above picture ... all fingering scraps go into the shoebox. And I have quite a few mini-skeins I traded for last year as well.  

These 14 are all from the past week or so. Last night I actually found myself knitting puffs in my sleep. :-P (Not literally, just in my head.) The one on the needles is #129. And if you are wondering what that many puffs looks like .... 

...the answer is surprisingly small. If I ever want this thing to cover an actual bed I have a looong ways to go. But I'm pretty sure I have enough yarn. Heh.

(I'm going to pretend that Sophie the giraffe is in this picture for size comparison and not because there are toys all over my living room floor. ;) )

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  1. I have Mother's Rule of Life and I loved it. Your hexi puffs will grow slowly but surely. I love projects that use leftover yarn.

  2. oh that is really cute!!! :))) a few toys or more on the floor when you have little ones is to be expected :) About your comment on my blog... _The Scent of Water_ by Elizabeth Goudge is just so good! I am sure you would love her others!!! So neat that your Mother is also a E. G. reader! My Mom enjoys her as well and I just love her!!!

  3. I vote against A Mother's Rule of Life. I found it very discouraging in some ways, because I honestly don't think the level of scheduling she has is really possible with all littles. She didn't start to get it together until she was well into school age years. Completely different. And what is possible is pretty much common sense and lots and lots of husband support!

  4. I vote for the Nesting Place. I bet it would be far more encouraging, whereas the Mother's Rule of Life sounds like it would just be discouraging at this stage in the game, you know?

  5. your puffs are coming along! love how each one is a tiny project but they make a big project as well :)