Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Michael-Mama Time

Mornings are slow around here. A month or two ago I spent mornings doing housework; but I've found that if I spend this time simply being with my boys, they are much more pleasant the rest of the day. And now that the twins are napping more regularly (YAY), we get at least a little bit of time every morning when it's just me and my big boy.

At first he didn't really get it. I would tell him I was putting the babies upstairs for a nap and he got all upset. But sometime last week I told him it was time for the babies to go to sleep, and then it would be "Michael-Mama time." He thought about this for a second. I watched as he processed it and then decided, "Huh ... I like that idea!"

Now when I come down from putting Gregory to bed, I'm greeted by a little voice waiting on the stairs saying, "It's Michael-Mama time!"

Usually he just wants me to build stuff with his blocks. Or watch him build stuff with his blocks. (He loves his blocks. They are what he plays with 50% of the time.) Other times we'll read or draw. Often I have to make him a "nest" out of pillows and blankets so he can be a Michael-bird.

And then some days we make popovers and eat them with lots of butter while this song plays on repeat, per Michael's request.

Often I'll take a shower during this time, or fold some laundry. But I never touch the computer. It really makes a huge difference if I stay away from it until Michael's nap. He knows my attention is all his. And we're both happier people because of it.

Michael loves the wallpaper in his room.


  1. that is wonderful! very good for all involved! good job Mama!!!

  2. I love this. You're definitely focusing on the most important part of your job as stay-at-home-mom! And I love the picture of you two :-)

  3. You guys look so happy!!

    I am pretty bad about just doing chores and trying to get ready for the day while Maggie is napping (even if it means letting Claire watch tv...)

    But today we spent most of her morning nap reading books and it was great for both of us!

  4. Great job, cute photo of you both...

  5. This is wonderful. It's totally true that the days I make the effort (and it can be very very hard) to not clean and to not touch the computer, and just BE with the kids, we are all so much happier.

  6. Love that mama-son selfie! And I love everything about this post, the daily. This just perked me up :)

  7. good for you with the schedule you've carved out for you and your family! I think it's so easy to think oh I'll check just one thing on the internet and before you know it an hour or two slips by!