Saturday, March 1, 2014

What They Said (1)

Well THAT was a poor attempt at seven posts in seven days. Ah well, so goes life. I am at least posting in time to join in Rosie's What They Said link-up! Michael is a pretty loquacious almost-two-year-old and says quite a lot of things, but here are a few of the more amusing!

After Keith gave him a sip of green tea: Ees good! Ees very good!

As Keith walked into the kitchen to put his cup in the sink: (wailing) Geen tea! Geen tea! Geen teeeea!

During breakfast, while staring down at Dominic in the bouncy chair: Hit on da head.

Me: No. No hitting babies on the head.

Michael: Hit on da noggin. (Pretty sure he learned this word from his Grandpa.)

Me: No hitting babies.

Michael: Hit Papa noggin!

Me: Michael, we don't hit anybody. It hurts.

Michael: Hurting! Hurting! Hurt! (pause) Pat on da head!

Me: Yes, we can pat babies gently.

Michael: (making a stroking gesture with both hands) Pat, pat.

Keith (while Michael is crawling around on all fours): Michael, are you a tiger? What do you eat when you're a tiger?

Michael: Eat da kitchen! (licks kitchen floor)

This should probably up my housekeeping standards but I'm afraid it really hasn't. 

Standing in front of Gregory, who's crying in the swing: Hiya! Hiya! Hiya! (waves head and arms back and forth with a big grin)

And ... it worked! The baby stopped crying! Much more effective than his usual tactic of grinning at the baby for two seconds before smacking him in the forehead. 


  1. It worked because "LOOK! DISTRACTION!" It's so effective. I've learned this over the past year with my best friend's daughter.

  2. Oh man, licking the kitchen floor is totally my favorite. Brilliant :P

    Thanks for linking up! What a funny little man you have - must make things a little more interesting when you're sitting around nursing the twins :)