Thursday, March 20, 2014

Birds and Beads

Linking up with Ginny's yarn along, a day late because I had no chance to take a picture yesterday! I was too busy baking bread and making stew for St. Joseph's feast day. (Leftovers for dinner tonight ... yum!)

Because I'm knitting so slowly of late I've been working on Keith's scarf for what feels like ages. (Since December, right? Four months is ages, for me at least!) And I'm not even 3/4 through yet. So ... faced with a bit of time and the desire to knit, I cast on a sweater. Tarian! I'm pretty excited to make this.

I knit three swatches, which was a big act of patience for me. I really want this sweater to turn out nicely! However after trying three different needles my gauge was the same every time. I thought switching from wood to metal might make a difference, but my aluminum needles are otherwise occupied ... so ... I've cast on and will checking things as they go. If it seems like my sweater is going to  turn out more like a dress then I'll just have to resign myself to frogging and starting over on size 4 needles. 

This book ... so, so good. It is really beautiful reading about the experiences of these catechists and seeing how children can know and love God at so young an age--reading this book is such a wonderful reminder of God's goodness

I also just finished The Amazing Thing About the Way it Goes by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Very different from her previous books. Less knitting centered, and more personal. But as always very funny. 

And finally, Birds is the book Michael and I have been reading three or four times a day this week. (Fact #1 of living with a toddler: don't pick up any book you aren't willing to read at least 3-4 times in a row! This goes for singing songs, too.) We checked it out from the library and he is hooked. I actually don't mind reading it so repetitively. The illustrations are rich without being complicated, a perfect match for the imaginative text. It embodies the sort of creative wondering I hope my own children cultivate.

Speaking of birds, we visited the National Aviary today. It was the first time I'd been there. I think it was all a bit much for Michael to take in, but he loved having the birds at his level to look at, especially the penguins. And also he loved just running around. Always. :) (Fact #2 about life with a toddler!)

(Fact #3: Mardi Gras beads are awesome, even during Lent.)


  1. a season of being patient for you, including with kitting progress! love to you!

  2. We've been reading that birds book all the time lately! The twins and Cecilia especially love it :)

  3. Maybe I'm just a mean mom, but I have a strict rule about not reading the same book twice in one day.

    Wow. Have you ever knit yourself a sweater before?

  4. I'm sure your sweater will be fine. I've swatched and swatched and sometimes it works out perfectly and sometimes I need to adjust. Love the last photo :)