Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Yarn Alonging

Keith's scarf is still creeping along. I'm almost through the first ball of yarn--three more to go!

I've started reading These Beautiful Bones by Emily Stimpson and I am really excited about it. It's a collection of reflections on how the Theology of the Body applies not to the bedroom, but to the "other rooms" of our lives--about "striving towards the redemption of the body in the midst of every day life." This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately--being a mother of young littles means you live in pretty constant contact with the embodiedness of yourself and others in all the most mundane aspects. (I mean, I have to deal with three other people's poop on an hourly basis, you know?) I've only gotten into chapter two but so far it is really good.

(Speaking of embodiedness, if you all would say a prayer for me. I've been really sick since this weekend. Layers of sickness. Cold-turned-sinus infection, which led to a sore throat and painfully clogged ears and then an eye infection. No fun. I am starting to feel a bit better today, I think, and maybe it's weird to ask for prayers for plain-old-it'll-get-better illness, but it's really an energy-suck that I can't afford right now.) 


  1. Oh, no! Feel better soon, Rosemary!!

  2. oh dear! Lord help and have mercy ! I hope you get better REALLY soon!!! Will pray. Are you using any natural remedies?? drink lots of liquids... May God bless and keep you all!

  3. Ugh... I hope you didn't catch it from me :-( My "little cold" turned awful about 24 hours after I saw you and lasted for a week. Then again, no one in my family seems to have caught it, and Chuckie had a sore throat for maybe a day, so....? In any case, hope you're healthy again very soon, if not already!