Thursday, January 23, 2014


This is my first time participating! I am not a good photographer. I am never prepared to capture the moment and frankly, the pictures I take leave a lot to be desired! But the snow and sunshine were so lovely this morning, I looked out the window and thought, There's my "pretty." So, here I am. 

(And just so you know, this entire post was typed with one hand! Heh.)


Snow in our backyard.


After a bit of a rough spot this morning I decided we needed popovers. Michael was especially enthusiastic about the butter.


The twins are the perfect age to start appreciating this little gym--Dominic in particular enjoys it when he's in a placid mood.I'm pretty sure Michael doesn't remember playing in it as a baby, but that doesn't stop him from claiming it as his own!


Yes, our tree is still up, and hasn't been watered in about a month. Which means there will be needles everywhere when we get around to taking it out.

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  1. sweet pictures; hang in there my friend! life with young baby twins is not easy; your pictures are lovely; don't apologize! :) May God bless and keep you; sending a (((hug))) your way!

  2. You know, I've never eaten a popover in my life. I see recipes for them in all my "older" cookbooks, but I never have the urge to make them, since I don't even know what they're like. A good thing to try?

  3. We are in nearly the same boat with the tree: still up, hasn't been watered in at least a month. But ours is still decorated! Sigh... I really need to get to that. And I'm jealous about your popover making. I've been wanting to try them for some time, but haven't yet brought myself to the point of buying popover pans. Off I go now to make some plain ol' banana bread. (Also, thanks for your comment earlier. Don't know if you saw, but I did respond.)

  4. I'm not good at pictures either. I just don't seem to have the eye. My Canon camera is not good quality, so I usually use my iphone. With the ability to crop the pictures are not too bad!

  5. Don't worry about still having your tree up (except for the fire hazard thing because of lack of watering...) because remember the Christmas Season does not officially or liturgically end until Candlemas, the Feast of the Purification of our Lady, which is on February 2nd. So instead of being a procrastinator you are actually just super Catholic. ;-) We still have ours up at home right now too, but it's an artificial tree.

  6. My tree is still up too. I think it is a common reality for mothers with newborns.

  7. Ok so now I don't feel so bad that the wreath is still on my front door and we've got gingerbread and Christmas wreath crafts still hanging up in the kids' window.

  8. Teresa has the same gym! Although these days, she's more likely to use it as a launching pad for crawling away whenever I put her on it...