Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coaxing the daylight in

Currently reading Maddaddam from the library on my Kindle, and still working my way through These Beautiful Bones. The scarf is growing. I chose the photo that doesn't show the mistake I discovered when laying the length of it out on the couch. (Sigh.)

I am so grateful for the big windows in our house, even though they make the rooms a bit colder. I don't generally mind January because it gives me a chance to cozy up with tea, a good book, and a bit of knitting. But books and knitting don't have much room in my life right now. (I do drink more tea than usual, though!)

Right now the evening light is just beginning to fade into dusk. Yesterday was grey and damp, and then suddenly while a friend and I were sitting in the living room the sun broke free and everything was golden for a few brief minutes. During these housebound postpartum days I am grateful for every bit of sunshine I can coax into the house. I'm thinking I also want to buy some candles to keep lit on greyer days, and am contemplating alternate places we can hang the fairy lights once the tree is gone. (Yes, we still have our Christmas tree up.)

Joining up with Ginny for her yarn along.


  1. We still have our Christmas tree up too, don't worry!

  2. it was traditional to keep the Christmas decorations until the Feast of Christ Entrance into the Temple. Mine are staying around on purpose. Hang in there; babies plus winter is hard. I totally would keep the lights up; I do! :) HUGS and will light a candle for you!

  3. There are these plastic sheets you could tape around the windows. My step-father used them for a few years. They keep out drafts and trap in heat nicely. It's just a pain to put them up and take them down.

  4. Your scarf looks so soft & so very cozy! It's nice to take your time over something like this in the cold weather. I love having lots of light in my house too, and I think it's good for the soul to be in bright rooms. My daughter was born in February (20 years ago!), but I remember how relieved I was when I was finally able to get out for walks with her bundled up in the stroller. Take care ;) Wendy x

  5. It looks beautiful...I had to giggle about not showing the mistake. Sometimes I think those little mistakes are the best bit about handmade things. They show a human touch and make things even more valuable.
    Light does lift you up...I am a bit of a moth and fly to the light. Candles are such a good idea and give a lovely homely glow. We took our tree down yesterday and we all felt sad and wished we'd kept it longer. It smelt so lovely an pine-y and I love the lights.
    Happy days

  6. It has been very cloudy these days and weeks, at least to me. Sometimes the sun peeps out only to hide again. love your knitting!