Friday, December 20, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (15)

1. You know what's cute? A toddler resting his head on the couch with a cherubic grin so that he's eye-to-eye with his baby brother, then saying "Hi! Hi! Hi!"

2. What else is cute? A toddler holding a toy in front of his baby brother while he's in the swing so that every time the baby comes forward his feet hit it and saying "Kick! Kick! Kick!"

3. So yes, Michael is adjusting to having two younger siblings. It is a slow process and in the beginning it was really difficult. I think this age (19-20 months) is probably one of the hardest to lost only-child status (although I'm sure I'm biased by my own experiences ...). And I KNOW it's hard to go from being the beloved only child/grandchild who is always the center of attention to having two younger siblings. Sometimes there are simply no arms available to hold you. Especially when Mama had a c-section and can't pick you up at all. (Oh man. That was really hard. On both of us.)

He still gets jealous, of course. But he is secure and knows he's loved, and he is starting to interact with his brothers every now and then as opposed to either pretending they don't exist or glaring balefully at them.

4. So, Christmas preparations. Postpartum with twins. Oy. Thank goodness for online shopping, especially Amazon Prime two day shipping. We're set on everyone except my brother, and Keith's presents at least are wrapped and ready to go under the tree on Christmas Eve. (Michael's presents are still in transit!)

5. As for Advent, well, I did manage to dig out the Advent ring (it has no wreath) and the stubs of last year's candles. We made sure to light the purple ones in reverse order, but even so I'm not sure that the second purple candle is going to make it to Christmas!

6. And I am also doing Christmas cards. Which ... was a bit more ambitious of an undertaking than I thought when I started ...? They may end up being Epiphany cards. :-P As long as it's within the twelve days of Christmas, right?

7. Thanks for your prayers for baby Gregory. We have another appointment in four months to reevaluate, but it seems that he will likely not need surgery, which is such a blessing.

And now I'm off to try and get some Christmas cookies started ... head over to Jen's blog for more quick takes!


  1. this is a huge change! I think getting anything done for Christmas for you is a huge accomplishment! with three young ones!! May God bless you all!!! <3

  2. Too too cute! I think you're right about age - it's easy enough to make that adjustment after the first week or so when there's just one baby because they forget pretty quickly that they were the only child. But I've thought about it a lot and I think that probably the hardest possible adjustment to twins is to a single older sibling because there's nobody else for them to play with! Twins alone aren't as big a deal because you can focus on the babies, and twins with two or more older siblings aren't as big a deal because the siblings can play with each other. But just one older sibling? So so hard! Hopefully it gets better - in 2 or 3 years I think it'll be awesome because they'll all be playing well together, but now is a really tough time!