Friday, December 6, 2013

Seven Quick Takes (14)

1. So the twins' birth story is half-written, and I've had this thing about not posting anything until it's finished and up on the blog. And then I decided that was silly because ... well, let's be realistic. Who knows when that novella will get finished. (And I've tried writing it in a more succinct fashion, but ... it just doesn't work that way with me. Never has, never will.) Not that I would have been hammering out anything special in the meantime, but the feeling of not being able to post until this is finished was stressing me out. So I am posting.

2. Happy Feast of St. Nicholas! I'm afraid there were no shoes left out last night, so the good old saint had no place to leave us treats. (Although he might have left some M&Ms for this mama in a drawer in the kitchen somewhere ...) Although we have no Nicholases in the family, we have an icon from Keith's grandmother, who was (for a time at least) Russian Orthodox, so I feel like he has (or should have) a special place in our family's devotions. There's always next year, I guess. In the meantime ...

3. On a similar note. I have the advent wreath on the table. But it has no wreath--just the brass ring, unadorned. More to the point, it has no candles. I half-heartedly looked for them in the boxes of Christmas stuff, but decided to order fresh ones a few days before Advent started, and ... they just shipped yesterday. So maybe we'll have our candles by Gaudete Sunday ...?

4. Nor have I set up the Nativity. Partly this is because there's not much of a place to put it. Our mantle is piled with homeless books and a few random other things, including a fire extinguisher. We're just not with it in terms of Advent this year. But I guess I get a pass.

5. Speaking of Advent, decorating, preparation, and etc, Kate wrote a really great post about such things a few days ago. I think it's wonderful that people are writing about focusing on Advent as Advent and saving Christmas for Christmas, and I really like Kate's take on it.

6. The twins are getting baptized this Sunday, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. When Michael was baptized, he wore a gown that had been passed down from my Grandmom and worn by all her children. Luckily, Grandmom's first pregnancy was twins--so there are two of them. None of the boys will be left out, and they both get to be worn again. How cool is that?

7. I have run out of takes. So ... go see some more over at Conversion Diary!


  1. I'm glad you decided to post :-)
    We're having Maria knit a baptism gown for our baby (I'm sure you're interested, so-- that will hopefully be used by all of our children. I've wondered what we would do in the case of twins--hope one is a girl and put her in the gown I was baptized in? Or, what if someday we end up adopting an older baby and it doesn't fit? I'm glad your Grandmom had twins so you had it covered!

  2. Today is such a good day for a baptism!

  3. That's AWESOME that you have two heirloom baptismal gowns! Mary Claire wore the one that John Paul and Cecilia wore and we had to buy a new one for Elizabeth because nobody had one we could borrow... But hey, now I'll have two beautiful gowns to pass on in case any of my daughters have twins :P

  4. how exciting to be baptized on a holy day! Glad to "see" you!!

  5. Next year, buy your candles at Sacred Heart book store (or send Keith to get them). You'd have them sooner AND be supporting a local Catholic business!