Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Knitting is a good way to keep me occupied during this time; it helps me feel as though I am preparing, rather than just waiting. (And unlike many other things I could do to prepare, with knitting I don't have to stay on my feet. That means a lot these days! Although I'm sure it doesn't help the pregnancy related carpal tunnel ... I can't even brush my teeth when I wake up in the morning.)

So, the two Milos now have two matching hats. And I still have a bit of each yarn left. Socks, maybe? And then ... I don't know. To be honest I'm hoping I don't have time to knit anything else, or even the socks, although I'm sure I could knit two pairs of baby socks today if I wasn't focused on cleaning ALL the laundry.

Here's the thing. Up until the Milos, I've had this belief (or hope) that the babies wouldn't come until I was finished. And I still kind of believe that, if I start something, I have to finish it before they're born, especially since I want them to be evenly endowed with handknits from Mama. (So if one gets a pair of socks, the other has to, too!)

BUT there's always Murphy's law ... just as I start a new pair of projects, surely I will go into labor and not be able to finish.

I kind of prefer the latter superstition at this point. Yesterday my OB told me not to bother making an appointment for next week because he felt that the babies were going to come soon. I think he jinxed me. I thought they were coming, too; in fact I thought I would finish that blue hat while in labor. But since he said that, everything my body was doing to prepare has ground to a halt.

So you see, I am torn. Do I start a bigger project for the twins--a set of Puerperiums, or maybe small stuffed animals--and hope that the Knitting Fates say "Nope, not happening!" Or does starting such a project mean I am doomed to finish it before the babies can arrive?

Because clearly Knitting is a powerful thing like that.

What do YOU think I should do? (And what should I knit after the socks??)


  1. A big project will most definitely bring on labor. I say play a game and see how much you can get knit up before your two bundles of joy arrive :)

  2. I wish I could start my baby knitting! I ordered yarn on knitpicks four days ago, and it still hasn't come! And I was stupid to not sign into my account when I paid, so I don't even have any tracking info to see when it's coming :-(

  3. I'd start something mindless i can knit diing boring early labor