Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hanging by the yarn along ...

I write all sorts of posts in my head these days, but when it comes to having the mental energy to sit down at the computer and type them ... nope. Just not there. I have fallen miserably behind on my written correspondence for the same reason. 

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the hospital. I had one of my bi-weekly non-stress tests, and Baby A's heart rate decelerated a few times while they were listening, so I was sent downstairs to get an ultrasound and make sure his fluid levels were okay. Everything turned out to be fine, but ... it was a long day. 

I've been knitting the sleeves on Michael's Abate using the magic loop, since I don't have dpns in the right size. And that is probably the reason it's not finished yet. I hate the magic loop. One more sleeve, and then the collar, and then the finishing. And then ... babies??? Hehe. We'll see--I'm no longer confident in my ability to crank out two vests before they're born, even if they're tiny vests! (Right now I am leaning towards Milos instead of Puerperiums simply because Milo doesn't have any buttons.)

Still reading Anna Karenina. Last night I started The Sinner's Guide to NFP by Simcha Fisher because I needed a break from Russian literature, and it was next in line on my Kindle. So far I love it, but that's no surprise, because Simcha is pretty much awesome. IF I finish it before the babies come, IF I have the mental energy ... I will write more about it once I've finished!

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  1. I have a sweater stopped at sleeves, because I want to learn magic loop for 2 at 1 time. Glad you are getting yours done.

  2. Love the Milo. I made a Puerperium with icord buttons and it worked up super simple. I too am not a fan of buttons!

  3. i'm with fan of that magic loop!! i have yet to make a milo, but it seems to be 'the' pattern of the moment!!! Can't miss with that choice!!!

  4. beautiful yarn! Lord keep you and your babies well!

  5. Glad all is well with the babies, nothing like spending the day at the hospital-lots of knitting time :) Take care!!

  6. It took me a while to be a fan of magic loop but now it's all I do... sorry DPN's!
    So glad all is well with the babies... I never had twins but did have pre-eclampsia in all three pregnancies and soooo know the drill of the NST and the last minute ultrasound etc. It's exhausting and stressful. I almost had more pictures of my first baby before she was born than after, haha!
    Will be ordering that book for my Kindle when I get a chance... I'm Presbyterian, not Catholic, but use NFP and totally fall into the hate-it-but-feel-it's-best category, so this sounds right up my ally!

  7. Replies
    1. Not yet!! :D I had several people ask because I was missing from the internet for a few days; the babies are still cooking though. :)