Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I forgot to grab the books I'm reading for the photo, but it's much the same as last week. Anna Karenina is a surprisingly quick read now that I'm devoting more time to it than the five or ten minutes in bed before the light goes off.

The sweater is an Abate for Michael, knit in size 2T (the smallest). It will be a bit big for him, even though I'm knitting it on smaller needles than the pattern specifies. But that means it will fit him next year too, I hope. I'm using Quince & Co. yarn for the first time and enjoying it immensely!

I have this belief that the twins will not come until this sweater is finished and the skeins of Tosh I posted about last week are knit into two Milos/Puerperiums. Because they just aren't allowed. ;) Also, a friend of mine is throwing me a diaper shower next week, so clearly they can't arrive before that!

So many people have been predicting the first week of November that I think I'm starting to believe that's when they'll be born, myself. Insofar as I believe anything; in the end I'm clueless! I can't imagine still being pregnant by my due date, and yet I can't really imagine having two little babies in the house, either. We'll see!

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  1. My mom was determined not to have my brothers until she had a functioning kitchen sink. She carried them until 43 weeks. Sometimes it really is a case of mind over matter. I was thinking of buying some Quince & Co yarn for a hat for my son. He has been requesting a winter hat that is neither light nor dark blue and they have a couple of good options that meet his 3 yearold standards.

  2. beautiful yarn and knit! God bless you and your babies!

  3. Such a pretty sweater! I hope you can keep those babies in as long as possible - especially so you can get some knitting in :)

  4. won't be long now, at least for me! I think Michael will look fab in the sweater!

  5. I told everyone I believed my son was going to come early. They shook their heads at me affectionately and said, "It's your first. Everyone always thinks that with their first." He arrived a week after my baby shower, approximately three weeks ahead of schedule.

    I really must read Ana Karenina--I'm seriously lacking in familiarity of non-English language literature.