Friday, August 9, 2013

Making and waiting, coffee and rain. (Seven Quick Takes (9))

1. God is already using these twins to make me grow and stretch as a person. I am super unorganized and I procrastinate horribly, and unless I get things done right away they can take me forever. Things like setting up doctor's appointments. And what do you have with a twin pregnancy? TONS of doctor's appointments, that's what. That need to be coordinated with tons of ultrasounds and earlier-than-average glucose tests and etc, not to mention trying to get medical records to transfer smoothly from one office to another and ... wowza. But God is good, and despite the fact I waited a week to try and call and make an ultrasound appointment that needs to be the same day that I visit the OB, it all worked out, and I got a very friendly and helpful receptionist to help me through it.

2. I made a thing.

In case you need help identifying it, that's a floor cushion, made from this tutorial. With awesome elephant fabric. Michael loves it, and he loves the elephants. He points at them and says "doo doo doo!" Which is his rendition of this song. I have no idea how other people on the internet have stuffed this with polyfill and had it come out looking so awesome and not-lumpy, though. I stuffed and stuffed until I couldn't fit any more in and still it has saggy spots. Am I missing something? Can anyone give me tips?

3. A friend recommended to me that I start out sewing things that only had straight lines. Obviously I ignored her advice, because I like to dive into the deep end when it comes to crafts. I think my lack of circular-sewing-skills shows, but. :-P I am looking forward to more sewing for the twins' room ... except that my nesting has to be put on hold until September 1, when I can start buying yarn and fabric again. SO FRUSTRATING. But I am pretty much set on a "theme" for the nursery, and it involves foxes and other woodsy creatures.

Modern Scattered Creatures on White

Seriously, how cute is that fabric?! And I love the colors.

4. Another way that God has been stretching me via this pregnancy? I don't even have the illusion of control over so many things. Their birth and when and how it happens; the amount of time I have to prepare for them (I am pretending that they are arriving at 36 weeks; everything must be ready by then!); the inability to even start preparing in some ways, since we are moving in a little more than a month, but in the meantime all I can do is sit and wait ... I can't even start packing. I am in a space of waiting, and I can't even fill that space with anything right now ... except trust.

5. It is rainy today and I love it. But it does effect my energy levels. All I want to do is curl up with a cup of coffee and look out the window and watch the rain falling. And maybe knit.

6. Yep, that does it, I am making myself a second cup of coffee. How decadent, right?

7. Speaking of decadence, I am going to be making a trip to Anthropologie with a friend this evening and I am so. excited. I could furnish my house and wardrobe from that store if I were a little richer. And yes, I can't spend money there right now anymore than I can spend it on yarn and fabric ... but you know ... that might be for the best. ;)


  1. Hey, if you ever need someone to watch Michael when you have doctor's appointments and stuff, you can bring him over here.

    1. Thank you! I will probably take you up on that. I actually ended up taking him to an OB appointment with me last week ... all of my friends were on vacation, lol. He was pretty well-behaved but it was far from ideal.

  2. Get everything ready loooong before 36 weeks if you can! Not because you'll give birth early, but because once you hit that 3rd trimester you're not going to want to get up EVER and need to use all your energy to eat!

  3. Well, I am glad you jumped right in because I think it turned out great! LOVE both the elephant and the fox fabric. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  4. love the fox fabric! I think your theme for the nursery is a great one :)

  5. I hear you on the waiting...isn't moving + pregnancy just the best for that? It's like the two most powerful forces in nature resisting each other: nesting and the need to pack/purge/strip down. Crazy town.

    I love walking into Anthro, I feel like it's sensory therapy to just be in the store.

  6. Saggy spots or not, that "thing" is super cute. And I love the fox fabric too. Good luck to you as you prepare! (And wait.)

  7. Second cup of coffee? I'm on my third. But they're smallish refills, actually. Super cute "thing" btw! :)