Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Karamazov and a (finally!) finished shawl!

I have been knitting some secret projects that I'm not going to show you, just yet. But I can show you the Fallberry mitts I've been making for myself. 

The yarn is Road to China Light, in Carnelian, and it is soooo soft. Yum. These knit up very quickly, and I think there's just enough yarn in the skein for the pair of them (and maybe a hexipuff or two). 

We just ordered a Catechism, and while I haven't really cracked it open, I have been reading a bit of it in my email inbox every day for the Year of Faith. And I have finally picked The Brothers Karamazov back up and am making progress once more. (I am sorry, Father Zossima, but your final words were a big roadblock to me.) Funny how Ginny just started reading this too--it seems that it's been popping up all over the places, quotes and references and so on, since I've started reading. Or maybe people are always referring to Dostoyevsky and I'm just now noticing it? 

I also finished a Tilden for Michael, which he doesn't like to wear. I guess it's a bit scratchy on his bald head. He tries to yank it off and pulls it over his eyes instead. And then his mother laughs at him. Poor kid. 

And, after letting it sit around in a crumpled heap for months, I finally blocked my friend's shawl. Yay!

And now, back to Christmas knitting! Go see what other people are making and reading at Ginny's yarn along.


  1. :gasp: Yay! That small corner looks so pretty! Oh man, it looks so delicate. How do you manage to wear yours without snagging it on things. AND how did you manage to twist it around in into that scarf when you went to Colorado (I think?)? It looked like a clever adaptation of a shawl.

    Yeah, I definitely tried reading that little kindle screen to figure out what you were reading. I'm so glad you started outright telling us. I've yet to tackle Dostoyevsky. I'm still making slow progress through Hugo...

    1. I do have a shawl that got snagged when I wore it on our honeymoon, unfortunately. :( So it does happen sometimes. As long as the yarn doesn't break I think it can be reblocked and pulled back into shape, though.

      Basically I just wrapped it around my neck like you would a scarf and kind of fiddled with it until I liked how it looked. :) This is a good video about how to wear shawls different ways (with many different shapes of shawls so obviously they won't all apply to yours, but):

  2. So many beautiful knits!! My kiddos did not like hat wearing at all.

  3. I love the hat!
    And, I was just thinking recently that I should re-try the Brothers K as well. I started it in August 2010, and then I got engaged and got a little distracted :) Its not really a book you can put down for a month and remember who's who when you pick it back up.

    1. I put it down for about a week and had trouble remembering some of the minor characters ... and even sometimes I forget characters just because they have a couple of hundred pages between appearances. Heh.