Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keeping sane

Instead of doing the dishes, I am sitting here knitting. I have two more rows to go on this shawl (but since it's the end they are looooong rows) and then the bind-off. I am sorry to say that I am tired of this project. Especially of the yarn. (No pictures, sorry.) I am excited to start on other things--a cardigan for Michael, a bit of geekery for myself, some Koigu socks (or maybe the second half of my Jaywalker pair).

I've found that knitting, though I have little time for it, really, really helps me keep my sanity. (Not that I'm continually on the verge of going crazy, but let's just say that patience is a virtue I really need to work on.)

So does reading blogs. Blogs of mothers who keep it real, like Jenny's and Grace's. Many times I avoid posting about the crazy because I am worried about complaining and not exuding a saintly glow of living my vocation joyfully, but these women post with a humor and honesty that I admire to no end. And also knitting blogs that give me a daily dose of awesome. Speaking of which, I realized this morning that I really should be following Anne Hanson's blog because I really love it.

Maybe I can finish this row in time to do some dishes before Michael's doctor appointment.


  1. i think everyone has projects they begrudgingly finish because the charm has been lost for one reason or another. and of course once well into a project i find my eyes roving to other patterns, dreaming of the time i can cast on...it's the whole greener pastures thing, isn't it?

  2. I feel that exact way about those two blogs (and a few others). I love reading the often-humorous ones where the ladies really "keep it real." But I definitely don't feel like I could pull it off myself. I would only come off sounding really complaining, which is already something I do too much. I kinda feel like...tedium, suffering, frustration, etc. come with the territory of mothering (haha - sounds awesome, right?), and some days I have a hard enough time feeling joyful and optimistic. So on my blog I want to try to keep things more positive, for my own sake. But yeah - sometimes the right thing is to read about other people who experience all the same crazy as you, so you know you're not alone.

  3. It's my shawl, isn't it? :P Did you feel the same way when you worked on the wedding garments, or did you have a different mentality for those because of the reasons and sentimentality behind them?

    My best friend, Laura, is the same way with woodburning as you are with knitting (By the way, she loved the socks and definitely wants a pair but can't afford them. How much would you charge? Just thinking that I could help her out.). She'll come home after a long and tiresome day at work, and go immediately up to the attic (or wherever she goes these days because of her belly) to woodburn for hours. Me, I have to schedule it into my day and make time for it and get myself prepared for it. I love it, of course, but I haven't hit the "release" aspect of it yet. I kind of envy you two.

  4. And Rosemary, knowing you, your rants about the craziness of children and motherhood would be amusing to read. <3 You should definitely let loose.

  5. I agree, blogs are definitely crucial to my sanity, especially since moving here! They make me feel like I have way more social interaction than I actually do, ha ha.

    I hope sleep training is going okay for you guys!