Monday, July 12, 2010

A Brief History of Blogging

Part one: Blogger

In April of 2005 I wrote my first blog post on a very basic, very pink blogspot. I posted there pretty faithfully until it petered out and eventually stopped completely in 2007. I also started two group blogs, both with members of The Inkspiller: a NaNoWriMo blog, and one for writing in general.

This was my first blogging experience. It was fun, light-hearted, profound, and typical of my late teens. Nostalgia-worthy, long over.

Part Two: Xanga

Yes, I created a Xanga account. This happened mostly because all my internet friends were over there. For a while I posted mostly the same things to blogger and xanga, and then xanga took prominence.

It was on xanga that I learned--the hard way--my first lesson about protecting posts. I overreacted, I think, putting the whole blog on a friends only lock; but if I recall, xanga didn't offer many privacy options.

Xanga died a quick and merciful death.

Part Three: Livejournal

I was attracted to Livejournal in part because of the myriad of privacy options, and in part because of the fact that (again) many of my internet friends were posting there. Those friends no longer read it, but I still keep it up for the few that do. It is my most personal blog. Not intimate per se--I keep my secrets off the internet--but personal things, the sort of sometimes-lighthearted, sometimes-serious chit chat you'd exchange with a friend on the phone.

Part Four: Wordpress

I can't remember when I got a Wordpress account. I registered, but didn't start a blog, and forgot about it. Then in early 2009 a friend wanted to start an independent film production company called Dos Lados, and invited me to be a part of the attendant blog. I tried to register a Wordpress account, and it told me my email was already in use, and I remembered that account existed.

Not much happened with that blog--or Dos Lados--but last fall in a fit of procrastination and admiration for blogging writers I started a Real Blog called Rosemary Writes. As the tagline proclaims, this blog is for "matters more bookish than not"--reading, writing, teaching, etc.

But I wanted to participate in more light-hearted blogging, something less personal than Livejournal but less focused than Wordpress. A place where I could blog about whatever strikes my fancy.

And so here you have it--my return to blogger, and to the sort of blogging which took place there. I hope you enjoy.

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