Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not quite committed ...

Still not much knitting around here. I am about to embark on some (possibly over-ambitious) Easter projects--more on those later. But right now the only active project is this ten-stitch blanket. I had a lot of worsted weight leftover from various hats, so that's what I'm using. (Pardon the odd lighting ... those are lovely shades of teal and purple, if you can't tell. But there's foxy orange and a pretty blue in the middle.)

I keep having doubts though. Is this really the pattern I want to put my leftovers into? Is it just going to be kind of ugly looking, and am I okay with that? I like the fact that it's knit all in one piece, but maybe something with granny squares bordered in a neutral color would tie the different colors together better ... like this. (Or if the colors still clashed, it would be more like a kaleidoscope, which sounds more interesting to me.)

I am looking forward to reading these essays published by Wiseblood Books. Poetry is not my "thing." I can receive a good poem, even fall in love with it. But I don't have the instinct to delve more deeply in without guidance. And I certainly don't sound intelligent when speaking about poetry, which perhaps doesn't matter except as it affects my own ego.

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  1. I have the same blanket going in sock yarn. I hesitated at first because I wasn't sure which pattern I wanted to do. But I'm real happy with it now. I can't wait to see how much yours grows and the interesting colors you use.

  2. sometimes we have to go awhile before we will know... God bless you and keep you!

  3. I like the way you explain your lack of poetry experience, but if you can fall in love with a poem you definitely get it. Smile. Go for it. Go on with your scrap project. It's looking good!

  4. ten stitch is the best think ever :) mine will never be done though.